North Dakota Long Distance

RTC provides locally owned long distance service through North Dakota Long Distance (NDLD). By choosing NDLD, you’ll earn capital credits on your long distance dollars, and your toll will be billed on RTC’s bill, providing you the convenience of one bill. NDLD gives you a local connection for your long distance service and provides a single point of contact for all your telecommunication needs from RTC.


If you would like a long distance calling plan that has great rates and no hidden fees, look no further than your backyard. NDLD’s rates are simple and apply anytime of the day. Your switch to NDLD is absolutely FREE! Choose from the following features when you join:

  • Great in-state, state-to-state, and international rates
  • Verified Account / Security Codes
  • Personal or Business Toll-Free Number


Many of RTC’s customers have already switched to NDLD! Visit www.ndld.com for rate information. If you have any questions or would like to sign up, call RTC at 0811 (toll-free from our exchanges.)


Click here for NDLD rates, terms, and conditions.


Equal Access

 RTC is an equal access company. For more information click here.


PIC Freeze Request

 A PIC freeze will prevent a change in your long distance carrier without your consent. Once a PIC freeze is in place, RTC cannot change your interlata or intralata long distance carrier until you personally lift the PIC freeze. To sign up click on the PIC Freeze Request Form below, fill it out, print it and send it to RTC.


PIC Freeze Request Form

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